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Dana Chantele


Dana Chantele started her tattoo career in 2010 in Edmonton, Alberta. She started her apprenticeship at Kamakazi tattoo and worked there for 6 years. From there she moved to a shop called Pure Imagination Tattoo and after that opened her own private studio for a few years. she made the move to Calgary, Alberta to work at Low Life studios in may of 2023.  Dana has always been into art and knew she wanted to have some sort of creative career she just didn’t know what exactly. Then she found tattooing. She was 18 years old and realized quickly it was what she wanted to pursue as a career and got an apprenticeship soon after.  The main styles Dana Chantele specializes in are realistic pop art, photo realism, trash polka, and fine line black, and colour tattoos, but all styles and ideas are welcome for a consultation. Message Dana here!

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