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Jamie (AKA Jim, Jimmy, Jimmy Jam and Jiminy the Cricket) MacDonald is our newest member, apprenticing under Zach Roberts.

Jamie comes to us from Prince Edward Island, and like many of us, Jamie found his way into this industry uniquely. In a past life, Jamie was a firefighter/paramedic. Unfortunately, he had suffered a back injury while on duty, which has prevented him from carrying on in that field.

Jamie is known as an easy-going “east coaster” that believes hard work can eventually match talent. Let’s see what he’s got?! 😈

“It’s so hard to believe that I have been given such an incredible opportunity like this. I’m still in total shock. I literally started drawing in September 2021 for my mentor and close friend, Zach Roberts, and in April 2022 he officially took me on as his apprentice. All I can say is that life is a total trip! Zach and the homies at Lowlife will never understand my appreciation for welcoming me in as they did”. Get inked today by booking a consultation at Low Life Studios Inc in Calgary.

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